Sand fleas general information

What are sand fleas?

There are many species of animals that have been misinterpreted as being sand fleas. Most of the time they are described as tiny animals which bite, leaving itchy sores along the skin. This is an incorrect assumption, as many animals which can bite and leave sores on the skin. On many occasions, bites that originate for dog or cat fleas are often wrongly assumed to be sand flea. So, it is very important to ensure that the correct identification is made, in order to adequately treat the condition. Sand fleas are crustaceans animals that are normally found in and around postal and sandy areas.

sand fleas

Common misconceptions about sand fleas

Since sand fleas will only inhabits and congregate around Sandy and coastal areas, they will not come into the home typically, or invest pets. So, if you are suffering from and have symptoms and the diagnosis has not coincided with visiting coastal areas, then it is far more likely that dog or cat fleas may be the cause of the condition.

Treatment for sand flea bites

There are many treatments available for sand flea bites, available generally at a low cost. If you start to experience symptoms after having visited the stand your coastal area very recently, then you should definitely seek out one of the commercially available remedies. You should never be too alarmed should you fall prey to sand flea bites. They may be very uncomfortable itching for a period of time, however, it is definitely not a condition that could be considered to be life threatening in any way.